This site is still in construction so please bear with the lack of photos and information so far. As you see we have a lot planned, but can’t give all the details here yet as there are not yet finalised. We’d love to hear from you though and tell you all about our plans.

Wild at Heart learning is a brand new Forest School in the countryside of rural Meopham.

A place where learners have the time and space to explore safely and grow in so many ways in our nurturing, natural setting.

There are no prescriptive lesson plans or assessments with specific outcomes and targets for all to meet. Every session is designed to enable each individual’s self-exploration and development at their own pace.

Forest School is all about cultivating self-confidence, independence, self-belief, innovation, originality and creativity.

It’s also about exploring a connection with the natural world and understanding our place in it to become the guardians of our futures.

In practice it is that fast-disappearing opportunity to: play, climb, run, shout, fall down, get back up, get wet, get muddy, find stuff, hide stuff, create stuff, be loud, be quiet, be free, explore, think and imagine!

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